Looking for a local SEO specialist?

Struggling to find your business on Google when you search for your main product or service? So many businesses pay for a beautiful looking website that hardly anyone ever sees. A good website should be bringing you more customers because when people are looking for answers online, it’s your business that they find!

Local SEO (search engine optimisation) is a strategy of increasing the online visibility of your business or brand. The goal of local SEO is to get your business appearing in search engine results when people search for your products or services in their local area.

With formal qualifications in Digital Marketing, I provide a face to face consultancy service for Illawarra and South Coast based businesses, who are looking to improve their online presence, but unsure of where to start.

I’ll help you come up with a customised e-marketing plan that meets your needs, making the most use of your available budget.

Get your website seen by the right customers

A common issue faced by all businesses, is that their website doesn’t rank well in search engine results. I regularly talk to Illawarra business owners who have paid big bucks for a beautiful looking website that rarely gets seen because it just isn’t found online unless someone types in the exact URL of the website.

The good news? Many of these websites can see significant results with some simple changes. If this sounds like you, drop me a line and we can have a chat about your business goals. I can carry out a website audit and give recommendations as to how you could improve your online presence.

local seo specialist wollongong

Engage with your local community

Whether you have a bricks and mortar business such as an office in Wollongong or Shellharbour or cover a service area such as the Illawarra, you want to be connecting with your potential customers in that geographical location.

Gone are the days of people scrolling through a list of businesses (your competitors) in the Yellow Pages. These days, your customers are typing what they are looking for in to a search engine such as Google and clicking on one of the first results they find. That means if you’re an emergency vet in Fairy Meadow, you’ll want to be ranking in search engines when someone searches “emergency vet Fairy Meadow”. How do you do that? It’s where SEO comes in to play.

What does an SEO specialist do?

In a nutshell, an SEO specialist is someone who can optimise (by building or improving) your website to increase your ranking in search engine results. SEO isn’t a strategy that gets results overnight – it often takes 6-12 months to start really getting results, but those results then generally last for a long time, and if SEO is kept up, it requires less time for even greater results.
Note: If you do want instant visitors to your website, paid advertising (known as Search Engine marketing or SEM) may be right for you. The results are instant, BUT the moment you stop paying for that advertising, you lose those visitors to your website.

SEO isn’t a “done once, done forever” game. While a website can be built in a “search engine optimised” way, in order to get the best results, websites require ongoing maintenance and SEO means ongoing work. Think of it like putting in the hard yards for a 6 week challenge at the gym – you will get results, but they won’t last forever if you stop exercising.

An SEO specialist can manage the ongoing optimisation of your website through content creation, competition research and keyword analysis. Compare it to getting your car serviced every five thousand kilometres to ensure you get the best performance out of it!

Why hiring an SEO specialist makes sense:

There are many people and agencies that claim to “do SEO” in an industry that is largely unregulated. Unlike a physiotherapist or a qualified motor mechanic, there is no requirement for web designers or SEO specialists do hold any formal qualifications and as such, many are self taught and have varying levels of skill.

A recent report by Microsoft listed SEO as one of the most important skills for marketers to have, so if you’re going to be investing money in to your local business marketing, use someone who understands SEO and knows what they’re doing. If your website is being found online by the right people, you should see a return on your investment.

Consider you are a local health practitioner such as chiropractor or a dentist…
Initial consultations are often brought about because of an acute problem that your patient has. What if your website was optimised to offer solutions to their problem? If yours is the practice they contact to book an appointment, what value has that lead just generated for you? If you get follow up appointments or a lifelong patient from that lead, what is that worth to you now? SEO can be the best advertising money you ever spend.

Interested in finding out more? Drop me a line to book a face to face meeting.