An local business directory can boost your online visibility.

How do I advertise my business locally?

This is a common questions faced by many Illawarra business owners. Many stick to what they’ve know for decades, which is offline advertising such as billboards, radio commercials and banner ads in local print media. Other prefer to focus on online marketing with paid Google ads and regular updates to their social media pages. One way to get your business in front of a really targeted audience (that is, people who are actively searching for products and services that you offer) is with search engine optimisation (SEO). SEO basically means getting your business or website appearing in search engine results when someone looks up search phrases or terms that relate to your business.

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Is it worth getting your business listed on local business directories?

In short, yes, but it’s important to undertsnad that not all business directories are created equal! I’ll explain why…
Expecting that customers are going to deliberately look up a particular business directory, go to the relevant category and then select your business from a list of competitors is pretty unrealistic. The vast majority of people will simply type the service they are looking for (for example “emergency plumber Figtree”) into Google and click on the first few results that come up. THIS IS WHY search engine optimisation is so valuable!

If the first result is in fact a local business directory, then obviously its’ worth having your business listed on that directory page. However, having your actual business website or an article or page that is solely about your business appearing in those first few search results is much more vaulable – after all, why would you want to be sitting on a page next to a dozen of your competitors when you could have your potential customers’ undivided attention?

Getting your business listed on local business directories can help your own website rise in the rankings. Traditionally, search engines such as Google paid more attention to businesses who were cited in numerous business directories and this helped quite a bit with improving the SEO for that business’s own website. Over time, search engines have placed less emphasis on multiple business directory citations, however, it is still considered a worthwhile exercise and you can often get a free or inexpensive business listing that may provide an added bonus point for your own website’s SEO. One word of warning though – If you do decide to go ahead and create a listing on multiple directories, please make sure your details are consistent across every platform!

A paid online business directory should deliver more that simply including you in a list of your competitors that no one sees unless they actually scroll through the menu on that website. If you’re paying for a business listing, that business directory should be appearing in search engine results when people search for your service in your local area.

The BEST online business directories get your business in front of targeted potential customers. When someone is searching for a solution online and and finds themselves reading an article that tells them about your business, that’s a pretty awesome return on your investment.

A local business directory with a difference

    I’d like to introduce The List, Illawarra. More than just a business directory, The List creates articles that highlights Illawarra businesses and the people behind them.

    There are two types of listings available:
    A basic listing includes a clickable link to either your existing website or social media page.
    A premium listing offers a high quality, full web page (similar to a full page advertisement in a glossy magazine) and inclusion in to a feature article.

    The List is an affordable alternative for advertising in the Illawarra region when compared to the print media alternatives that many businesses are spending their marketing budgets on. Why not let your advertising fees work as an investment, rather than an expense?

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